About Us

Welcome to Classy K-9 Pet Salon located in Livermore. We are a full service pet grooming salon.

     My name is Roberta and I  owned my own pet grooming shop in Pleasanton for 25 years. In 2006
I decided  it was time to take a little break,  I am looking forward to being back to work with the puppies and dogs and looking forward to meeting new people, maybe rekindle some lost friendships and have a lot of fun grooming your dogs. 
I suppose I could have found another career but honestly, I love animals and they seem to love me! 
     We offer a wide variety of grooming services to accommodate all pet owners and just about any kind of pet.
     Please browse through the services page to find the products and services that meet your individual needs. If you ever need help evaluating your pet's needs we are always here to help.
     For the comfort and safety and the health of your  pet during their visits to our salon, all pets must be vaccinated recommended by your veterinarian .

Towels are never reused and we use only clean fresh water (no recycling of water here!)
At Classy K9 Pet Salon pets are never drugged or sedated, if your pet needs this then it is suggested that you consult your verterinarian about this.

We only perform grooming and styling procedures that do not place undue stress on your pet.  We will not sacrifice your pet's safety and comfort for vanity.

We have several discount programs to help fit your needs:

5% off Multiple Pet Families

10% off Military Personnel

5% off Senior Citizens